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Quickly Switch Among Windows Applications

If you are a multitasker like me you probably find yourself switching among several Windows applications you have open all at the same time. Heres a great Windows shortcut that, surprisingly, many are not aware of.

Hold down the ALT key and press the TAB key, you will see a list of all open programs. While still holding down the ALT key, repeatedly press the TAB key until the program you want to switch to is selected. Then release both the TAB and ALT keys and that program's window will pop up. To return to the previous application, just press ALT+TAB again.

This is one of those shortcuts Ive been using for years and assumed everyone else also used. But its surprising how many Windows users aren't even aware of this. If you haven't used this shortcut before, try it, this is one that definitely make things a lot easier for you.

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