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So That's What That Key Is For !

Ever wonder what that funny-looking key with the Microsoft Windows symbol on your keyboard is for?

Here are some great timesaving uses for that key:

  1. Anytime you need to search for a file on your computer, hold down the Windows key and press the 'F' key. The Find Files dialog box will pop up instantly.

  2. Anytime you need to get back to your desktop in a hurry, instead of minimizing the open windows one at a time, hold down the Windows key and press 'M'. Even better, holding down the Windows key and pressing 'D' will also minimize all windows but with the added advantage of being able to restore your windows when you repeat the same Windows key + D shortcut.

  3. My favourite shortcut with the Windows key is quickly and easily opening Windows Explorer. Just hold down the Windows key and press 'E' and Explorer will pop up instantly. I use this shortcut a lot because I use Windows Explorer a lot.
Every time I find myself working on a computer that doesn't have a Windows keyboard, I there's a noticable drop in my productivity. I'm lost without it.

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