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Find That Lost File

If you're already familiar with this tip, you know what a time-saver it is. If you don't, pay attention.

I see this almost every day and it drives me crazy. Someone is looking for a file on their computer but they don't remember where it is or what the filename is. They have a hard copy but there's no filename printed on it.

Windows makes it so easy to find files on your computer that it's a crime that most people don't know how to do it. Sometimes I will just stand back and watch people look for a file on their computer to see how they do it. At times I've seen three people huddled around a computer giving their suggestions of where to look.

Then I step forward and say, "Let me look. Oh, here it is." In a minute or less, depending on the speed of your computer, you should be able to find any file on your hard drive as long as you know something of what's in the document.

Click on Start, Find, and then 'Files or Folders' to bring up the 'Find All Files' dialog box.

If you know the name of the file but don't remember which folder it is in, type the name, or part of the name, in the 'Named' field. If you don't know the name of the file but do know some text contained within the file, type that text in the 'Containing text' field. There are other options on the Date and Advanced tab which you can experiment with at another time.

Make sure the location in the 'Look in' field contains the sub- folders where the file you're looking for may be located (i.e. you may select C: to search your whole hard drive).

Now click 'Find Now' and in a short time you will be given a list of files matching your criteria.

Remember this tip because some day you're going to need it. How would you like to recreate a 20 page document because you didn't know how to find it on your computer?

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