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Find That Missing Web Page

What do you do when you try to go to a web page but you get an error message saying the page is missing? Do you assume that the page doesn't exist anymore? Wrong answer!

The next time you get this 'HTTP 404 - File not found' error, a little investigative work will usually uncover the missing page for you. Most times pages are missing because a website has been reorganized and the page's address has been slightly changed. Here's a good example.

Up to last month my November 12th 'Quick Tip' was located at "". If you try to follow that link now, you won't find it because I recently reorganized my website - but the page is still there.

Start off by removing the last forward slash and everything to the right of it from the web address and try that link. If that takes you to a web page, check for links that may lead you to the page you are looking for. If you get another '404 Error', continue removing the next forward slash and everything to the right of it. Chances are you WILL find the page you are looking for.

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