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'Open With' File Options

For anyone who is a frequent computer user (I'm assuming you are), no doubt you have come across a situation where you have wanted to open a particular file in a particular program but when you double-clicked on the file, it opened in a different (default) program.

For example, if your text files (*.txt) open by default in NotePad and occasionally you need to open a text file in Microsoft Word, you have several options.

  1. You can open Word and click File, Open and browse to open the text file.
  2. In Windows Explorer, you can hold down the Shift key while clicking the File menu and that will give you a new 'Open With' option where you can choose which program to open the file in.
  3. If the program you want to open the file in is already open, you can easily drag the file to the program's icon on the Windows taskbar and, with the mouse button held down, hold it there for a second or two until the program 'pops up', then drag and drop the file onto the program window and the file will open in that program.

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