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Using Bcc To Keep Forwarded Email Addresses Safe

How often do you receive emails, such as jokes, that have dozens or even hundreds of email address listed of others who were also forwarded the same message?

Often you will like the joke and decide to send it to all of your friends and family. Many of them will do the same. Now your email address (and everyone else's) has been broadcasted all over cyberspace. Did you ever consider that these emails may sometimes end up in the Inbox of a spammer? Not only will the spammer put all these addresses in his database for sending junk mail, he will likely sell his list to other spammers. The result is everyone begins receiving hundreds of unwanted junk emails.

Instead, if you want to forward the message to others, (1) add the names to the BCC field and (2) delete any email address in the body of the email.

Many email programs, by default, don't show the BCC field. For example, in Outlook Express you need to select View, All Headers from a new message window. If you use a different email program you may have to check its Help menu.

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