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The Advantage Of Working With Multiple Windows

Often it is necessary for you to work with more than one Window, such as copying information from your browser and pasting it into MS Word. If you find yourself switching back and forth between two Windows often, you may find that all this switching back and forth can be a bit of a pain.

Try this instead.

On the top right corner of each window there are three small buttons, Minimize, Restore/Maximize, and Close. The middle button either shows the Restore button (two small squares) or the Maximize button (one large square).

  1. On the first window you want to work with, click the Restore button. If the restore button is not shown, go to step 2.
  2. Click on the window header (blue bar on top of window) and drag its top left corner to the top left corner of the screen.
  3. Move the cursor to the bottom right corner of the window and when it changes to a two-headed diagonal arrow, drag the corner of the window to resize it to fit half of the screen.
  4. Now switch to the second window you want to work with and click its Restore button (if it is shown).
  5. Resize the window, same as step 3
  6. Click on the window header to drag and position the window immediately to the right of the first window.
  7. At this point you may need to resize it again from the bottom right corner.
Now that you have both windows in view, you can easily copy and paste, or drag and drop from one window to another. When you are finished, you can click the Maximize (middle) button on each window to return them to full screen.

I'll bet you can think of many situations when this tip could come in real handy.

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