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Escaping From Drag-And-Drop

If you frequently move or copy files between folders in Windows Explorer you, no doubt, have come across one or both of these situations.

1) You are dragging a file from one folder to another and change your mind.

2) You are dragging a file from one folder to another and accidentally release the mouse button and drop the files, but you don't know which folder you dropped them in.

When I was first learning Windows, making one of these blunders was a little scary because I didn't know what to do. I started looking though the folders for the lost files. Luckily, there are simple solutions to each of these problems.

1) If you want to abort in the middle of a drag-and-drop, simple press the Escape key on your keyboard before releasing the mouse button.

2) If you accidentally drop a file in the maze of folders in Windows Explorer you can easily reverse that mistake by selecting Edit, Undo or using the keyboard shortcut for Undo (CTRL+Z).

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