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Tabbing Backwards

Many people have figured out that they can press the Tab key to move from one 'control' to another in most programs. Controls are the objects in a program that you interact with such as buttons, text boxes, option buttons, etc...

On the other hand, it has also been my experience that most people don't realize that they can move backwards through these same Controls by holding down the Shift key while pressing the Tab button.

Notice that I said "many people" have figured it out. I often see people filling in a form by clicking on the first field with the mouse, typing with the keyboard, reaching for the mouse and selecting the next field, then back to the keyboard to fill in that field, reaching for the mouse again to click the next field. On and on till the form has been completed.

Using the Tab key to navigate these controls is a much more efficient method. If you see someone doing this 'keyboard-mouse shuffle', please do them a favour and tell them about the Tab key.

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