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Show The Current Date In A Cell

Last week I showed you how to insert time (CTRL+SHIFT+semicolon) and date (CTRL+semicolon) into your worksheets. Those were fixed values. This weeks tip will show you how to add a date function to your worksheet that will update with the current date.

The formula to show the current date is =TODAY().

One thing to keep in mind is, this formula will only update when the worksheet is recalculated or when you reopen the workbook. That's usually not a problem since the date only changes once a day. Also, you may have to format the cell to give you your desired date format.

If you'd like to show the current time, you can use the formula =NOW(). This formula gives you both the date and time in the same cell (i.e. 19-May-03 9:00pm), however, is less useful because the time in the cell won't change until your worksheet recalculates or when you reopen your workbook. If you just want the cell to display the time only, you'll have to change the number format by selecting Format, Cells, Number, Time, (select a desired time format), OK.

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