Microsoft Excel "Quick Tips"

Zipping Through Your Sheet Tabs

Here's a little trick I always use that may look a little weird at first, but it 'works for me.'

You've heard me before recommending that you learn both a 'mouse method' and a 'keyboard method' for doing things in Excel. Well, here's another one to add to your bag of tricks.

You probably know that when you have a lot of sheets in your workbook, you can use the sheet tab scrolling buttons on the bottom left of the Excel window to navigate among your workbooks. I use that method too when I am in 'mouse mode.' But anytime you have both hands on the keyboard and you need to move quickly from one worksheet to another, here's what you can do.

When you've got a workbook that has a lot of sheets (i.e. more than ten) and you need to move between sheets on opposite ends of the scroll tabs, hold down the CTRL key and press and hold the Page Up (scroll left) or Page Down (scroll right) button. You will quickly scroll through the sheet tabs and get to the opposite end in a second or two.

When you 'turbo-scroll' like this through a workbook containing 30 or 40 sheets, it may look a little funny but, hey, it works.

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