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One Date Only

It is very common to create reports in Excel 'as at' a certain date. If your workbook contains multiple reports and multiple references to that date, you can save yourself some time by entering that date in only one cell and referencing all the other dates back to that cell.

For example, if your workbook has 5 reports, each of which shows the 'as at' date, just enter the date in the first report (i.e. cell B4) and for every other cell where you want that date displayed, type an equals sign followed by the cell address of the first date (i.e. =B4)

Make the formula an 'absolute reference' (i.e. =$B$4) so you can easily copy and paste the formula to all the other cells where you want to display that date.

Now each time you need to change the 'as at' date, you just change the date in the first cell and all the other dates automatically update.

Another option is to assign a name (i.e. AsAtDate) to the cell containing the first date and then for every other cell where you want that date, type an equals sign followed by that name (i.e. =AsAtDate).

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