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Quickly Sum Non-Contiguous Cells

There may be times when you want to calculate the sum of a group of non-contiguous cells. How do you do that now? Do you enter a formula such as =B5+D5+F5+H5+J5? That can be very cumbersome, especially if you're dealing with a lot of cells. That's how I used to it until I discovered a much faster and easier way.

Click the AutoSum button. Then, one at a time, click each of the cells you want to sum, typing a comma to separate each cell in the formula (i.e. =SUM(B5,D5,F5,H5,J5). So basically what you're doing is clicking the cells with your mouse and pressing the comma with your free hand. Even if you have many cells to sum, this way allows you do it very fast and easy.

Another option is to hold down the CTRL key (instead of pressing the comma) as you are selecting the cells.

You can also drag to select if there are some contiguous cells in your formula (i.e. =SUM(B5,D5,F5:H5,J5)

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