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Print Your Entire Workbook

When you are working in Excel and you click the Print tool on the toolbar, by default, only the current sheet is printed. If you need to print your entire workbook (i.e. all sheets), you have some options; some are better than others.

Something that I have seen a few people do is select each sheet tab and print them individually. This is not a good use of your time. Another option you have is to choose File, Print, and then select the 'Entire workbook' option from the dialog box. Yet another option is to select the first sheet tab, hold down the Shift key, select the last sheet tab, and then click the Print tool on the toolbar. Your entire workbook will be printed with no questions asked.

Personally, I use the last one. You may find the second one simpler. Try both and then choose whichever one feels better to you.

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