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How To Easily Duplicate Cell Formatting

Often it takes several steps to format a cell or a range of cells to get just the right look (i.e. fonts, borders, color, etc..)

When you want to apply this same format to another cell or range of cells you could copy the cell(s) and then click Edit, Paste Special, Formats. But there's a much easier and faster way. It's called the Format Painter. Look on your toolbars and you should see a button with a picture of a paintbrush on it.

Here's what you do to apply the format from one range of cells to another:

  1. Select the first cell or range of cells.
  2. Click on the Format Painter button.
  3. Select the cell(s) you want this format applied to.
Voila. It's like magic.

If you select only one cell in the first step, the format of that cell will be copied to the cell(s) you select in Step 3. If you select a range (more than one) cell in Step 1, the format from that range will be copied to a range of the same size using the cell you select in Step 3 as the top left corner of the range.

There are a couple of other features of the Format Painter that you'll want to know about. In the above example, the Format Painter copied the formats once and then turned off.

If you want to paint a format to more than one range of cells you will need to double-click on the Format Painter button in the first step. Then select each range of cells you want the format applied to. When you are finished painting, simply click the FormatPainter button again (or press the ESC key) to turn it off.

This feature can be a major time-saver when designing your reports.

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