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How To Print Just A Small Section Of Your Worksheet

So you've spent hours getting your spreadsheet just the way you want it. All 10 pages of it. Now you need to print out a small part of the spreadsheet but you really don't want to print all ten pages. What do you do? Do you mess around with your PrintArea and print settings and hope that you can remember how to set them back?

A quick and risk-free way to print part of your spreadsheet without changing any PageSetup settings is by using the Print Selection option.

Here’s how:

  1. Select the range of cells you want printed;
  2. from the File menu select Print...;
  3. in the 'Print' dialog box select Selection and click OK.
Go ahead try it now. See how easy this is?

Can you think of how many times you could have used this in the past?

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