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Quickly Convert Positive Values To Negative

If you have a range of cells where you need to convert each entry to a negative value, there is an easier and faster way than changing them individually. Excel's Paste Special option allows you to accomplish this task relatively easily.

  1. Type -1 in any empty cell.
  2. Click Edit, Copy.
  3. Select the cells containing the values you want to convert.
  4. Choose Edit, Paste Special.
  5. In the Paste section, select Values and in the Operation section, select Multiply.
  6. Click OK.
All the numbers have been changes from positive to negative, or vice versa. This is a great trick that can also be used to reduce numbers by a factor of 10, 100, etc. by using the Divide option.

Remember that this operation changes the underlying values of these cells not just the displayed value.

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