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Keep Those Headings Visible

When you are working with a worksheet with many rows and columns and you want to keep your row of column headings always visible on the screen as you scroll down through the rows, here's what to do.

  1. Click the entire row directly below your row of headings.
  2. Select Window, Freeze Panes.
If you want to keep the left-hand column of Row Labels visible instead.
  1. Select the entire column immediately to the right of your labels.
  2. Select Windows, Freeze Panes.
Now, let's assume you have column headings in Row 1 and row headings in Column 1 and you want to keep both the row and column labels visible as you scroll down and to the right.
  1. Select the cell immediately below and to the right of your labels (in this example cell B2).
  2. Select Windows, Freeze Panes.
Now, scroll to the right and scroll down and see what happens.

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