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How To Avoid #DIV/0! Errors

One of the most common questions Iím asked in Excel is how to deal with #DIV/0! errors.

It's common to get #DIV/0! errors in worksheets that contain formulas with division operations. This error results from the divisor part of a division formula referring to a cell that is blank or has a zero value.

There is no perfect solution for this problem. Most times you'll want to know that a formula is trying to divide a number by zero, but there may be times where you want to suppress this error for reporting purposes.

You can modify your formula to display either a blank or a zero whenever the formula results in an error. Use one of these formulas:

  • =IF(ISERROR(formula),"",formula) or
  • =IF(ISERROR(formula),0,formula)

Just substitute your original formula for the word formula.

Keep in mind that, technically, a 'blank' or 'zero' answer is incorrect. You cannot divide a number by zero. Use this with caution.

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