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Easily Center Your Report Headings

Often when you create a report in Excel you'll want your report heading to be centered across the top of your page. If you're new to Excel you may not yet have discovered how you can do this very easily. Actually, there are a couple of ways.

One way is to merge all the cells across the top of your report into one cell and center align it (Format, Cells, Alignment, Merge cells). One drawback to this method is that merging changes the column and row structure of your spreadsheet which may cause you problems in the future such as selecting a range of cells that intersects with merged cells.

The other method is called Center Across Selection.

  1. Ensure that the text for your headings is in the left-most column of your report.
  2. Highlight the cells containing the headings and extend the selected range over to the right-most column.
  3. Now choose Format, Cells, and select the Alignment tab.
  4. From the Horizontal drop-down box scroll to the bottom, select Center Across Selection and click OK.
Note that although it appears to be centered on your report, the text for your headings is still in the first column.

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