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Fast Editing Using Your Keyboard

As I've said many times, Excel power users always learn more than one method to accomplish their everyday tasks in Excel. Sometimes you are in 'keyboard mode' where a keyboard shortcut would be easier. Other times you are in 'mouse mode' where clicking with your mouse is the quickest and best option.

Editing the contents of a cell is a common task in Excel where most users unnecessarily switch from 'keyboard mode' to 'mouse mode' because they don't know the keyboard shortcut. When you want to edit the active cell, simply press F2.

Once you are in edit mode, you can use your arrow keys to move around the formula bar. Pressing the HOME key brings you to the beginning of the formula. Pressing the END key brings you to the end. Holding down the SHIFT key while pressing an arrow key selects text. Holding down the CTRL key while pressing the arrow keys moves the cursor one full word at a time. You can also use a combination of CTRL+SHIFT+arrow key.

These shortcuts also work with many other programs. Just try them and see what you've been missing.

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