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How To Center Numbers And Still Keep Decimals Aligned

Do you find yourself sometimes wanting to center your numbers in a column but when you do the decimals are not lined up? Here's a tip that I use anytime I need to perform such a task. The numbers aren't exactly centered but it gives the illusion that they are.

Here's how:

  1. Select the cells you want to center.
  2. Select Format, Cells and click on the Number tab.
  3. In the Category field, select Custom.
  4. If the selected cells already have a number format, that format code will appear in the Type field. Otherwise, the word 'General' will appear and you'll either have to select a format from the list of formats or enter one yourself.
  5. Once you have the desired number format in the Type field, type two or more 'blank spaces' following the code. NOTE: If the number format is a two-part format $#,##0_);($#,##0), you'll have to add spaces after each section $#,##0_) ;($#,##0) .
  6. Click OK to see if the format gives you the desired result. Add extra spaces to adjust.

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