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Easily Move Sheets Between Workbooks

Anytime you need to reorganize sheets among several workbooks, it can be quite a chore switching between workbooks and copying or moving the sheets. That's if you haven't discovered the easy way.

Yes, there is an easier way! Much, much easier!

Step 1: Arranging The Windows

  1. First close all workbooks except for those you wish to reorganize.
  2. From the menu select Window, Arrange
  3. The Tiled option should already be selected. You can also try the other options to see which one you prefer.
  4. Click OK

Step 2: Dragging and Dropping

Now that have your windows arranged, you can easily drag and drop sheet tabs from one workbook to another. But here are some things you should know about.

  • You must first 'activate' (i.e. click on) a window before you can do anything with it. So, the first click on either window activates it.
  • To 'move' a sheet to another workbook, click on the sheet tab and, while holding down the left-mouse button, drag it across to the destination workbook. Position the mouse pointer over the sheet tabs until the small black arrow is in the position you want to insert the sheet and release the mouse button.
  • To 'copy' a sheet instead of 'moving' it, hold down the CTRL key on your keyboard while dragging and dropping the sheet tab. You will notice a small plus sign beside the sheet icon as you are dragging, indicating that the sheet is being 'copied.'
  • If a sheet with the same name already exists in the destination workbook, Excel will add a number to the end of the sheet name. You can then rename it.
  • If you move all of the sheets from one workbook to another, that workbook will 'disappear' from the Excel window however the original workbook with all of its sheets will remain in its original folder.
  • When you try to close a workbook from which you have moved sheets you will be prompted to save changes. If you choose to save changes, the workbook will be saved without the moved sheets. If you don't save the changes, the original workbook file, with all of its sheets, will remain in its original folder.

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