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The Secret Of Pasting Multiple Items In One Step

Say you have several lists of data and you want combine them into one list. Maybe they are on different worksheets or even in different workbooks. You have a couple of options. You can copy and paste each list individually, typically what most Excel uses do, or you can copy everything first and then paste them all in one step.

I'll use an example to explain this. Say you have a workbook with separate sheets for each soccer team and each sheet contains the names of soccer players. You want to create a summary worksheet with all of the names together for tracking stats.

You can go to the first team sheet, copy the names, switch to the summary sheet and paste, go to the next team sheet, copy the names and so on. Another option which you may not be aware of is that Office allows you to copy multiple items of data from various worksheets (or even other Office documents) and then paste them in other documents. You can paste them in any order or paste them all in one step. The big secret here is that you need to use the Office Clipboard, which you may or may not have seen. The copy and paste buttons for the Clipboard are on the Clipboard Toolbar. Normally when you copy two items in a row, the Clipboard toolbar will appear automatically. However, if it doesn't appear, you can right click on any toolbar and select Clipboard from the list of available toolbars.

In this simplified example, you can copy the names from the first sheet, copy the names from the next sheet, and when you have the names from all sheets copied (maximum allowed is 12), you can then switch to your summary sheet and paste them all in one step.

Just try it and see how it works!

The Clipboard also gives you the option of pasting the individual items in any order.

When you have multiple items on the clipboard, it may be difficult to remember which item is which. A little trick I've learned is to pause your cursor over the clipboard item for a second and you'll see a small Tool Tip pop up showing a small part of that item. Click on the individual item and it will be pasted.

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