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Page Break Preview

Often you have to go through trial and error to get multiple page reports to print the way you would like. It can sometimes be tricky getting the pages to break at the right place. Print Preview will show you how your pages will print, but changing page breaks (Insert, Page Break) and switching back to Print Preview can sometimes be awkward.

A much more user-friendly solution for getting your pages to break at just the right places is to set and adjust your page breaks in Page Break Preview mode. In Page Break Preview you are given a view of your worksheet with page breaks shown as blue lines. Blue dashed lines show automatic page breaks and solid blue lines indicate manual page breaks (i.e those set by the user).

The best part of Page Break Preview is that you can easily adjust page breaks and instantly see how the changes affect the printing of your report.

To set or adjust page breaks in Page Break Preview:

  1. Select View, Page Break Preview
  2. Move the cursor to one of the blue lines separating a page until your cursor changes to a double-headed arrow.
  3. Drag to move the page break.

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