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Use 'Easy-To-Remember' Names Instead Of Cell References In Formulas

Substitute cell references with defined range names in formulasYou can define a cell or range of cells with an 'easy-to-remember' name and then use that name instead of the cell reference in your formulas. Range names are much easier to remember when creating formulas and also makes it easier for users to understand what the formulas do.
To create a defined name, select the cell or range of cells, then type a name in the 'Name Box' (i.e. that small white space to the left of the formula bar) and press Enter.
A good example would be assigning the name 'tax_rate' to a single cell containing a tax rate that will be used throughout your worksheet. Once you have defined the name, you can use the name instead of the cell reference i.e. =ROUND(C4*tax_rate,2) in your formulas.
To insert a range name into your formula, simply position the cursor in the formula, press F5, and double-click the range name you want to insert,



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