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My FREE 2-Part Weekly Newsletter
"Excel in Seconds" &
"Spreadsheet Tips From An Excel Addict"

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These are just some of the Excel tips, shortcuts, tricks and tutorials that you'll find on my website and in my Spreadsheet Tips From An Excel Addict newsletter ... Quickly Select All Cells Matching Your Criteria, How To Return The Last Instance Of A Value Using VLOOKUP, How To Quickly Jump To The First Or Last Worksheet, Open a Previous Copy of an Open Workbook, How To Create a Footer That Displays More Than 255 Characters, How To Hide Numbers That Are 'Rounded' To Zero, Print All Cell Comments, Need Help With Worksheet Functions?, Selection From Dropdown List Displays Related Image, Simple Solution To AutoFill Issue When Adjacent Column Contains Blanks, Keyboard Shortcut For Comma Style Number Format, Shrinking Text Into A Cell, How To Recover A Workbook You Forget To Save Changes To, How To Use A Shape For A Macro Button, Annoyance When Editing Formulas in Dialog Boxes (and a Solution), Sort Dates By Month And Day (Ignoring Year), Quickly Filter Data Using The Active Cell's Value Or Color, Find And Replace Font And Background Colors, Remove/Delete Duplicate Values From Your Data, How To Work With Separate Worksheets On Dual Monitors, Make Your Pivot Table Default To SUM Not COUNT, Minimize The Ribbon, Round Numbers To The Nearest Multiple, A Double-Click Trick To Quickly Move Around Your Worksheets, Quickly Clear Formula Errors From Blank Rows, Sum Multiple Ranges In One Click, Determine The First Or Last Day Of Week For Any Date, Formulas To Extract First And Last Names And Middle Initial, Hiding Unused Rows And Columns, Combine Text And Numbers From Different Cells, Using Dialog Box Launchers, How To Flag Overdue Dates, Quickly Fix Wrongly Formatted Dates, Unhide A Single Hidden Row Or Column, Running A Tape' With Excel, Print Files Directly From File Explorer (A.K.A. Windows Explorer) , Find (and/or Replace) All Blanks Resulting From Formulas, Hide Repeating Values In A Column, List All External Links In A Workbook, Paste Data From A Pivot Table With No Blank Cells, View Data From Another Workbook On A Second Monitor Without Opening Another Instance Of Excel, Easily Monitor Changes To Cells In Other Sheets, Delete Hundreds Of Blank Rows In Seconds, Print Your Company Logo On Every Page, Don't Print Cell Errors, Quickly Compare Data In Columns, I Repeat, F4 Is One Of Excel's Best Kept Secrets, Text To Columns' Gives You SuperPowers, Change the Way Excel Formats Hyperlinks, Mouselessly' Access Your Quick Access Toolbar Commands, Everyone Needs To GotoA1, Easily Find Values Not Rounded To Nearest Cent, Easily Selecting 'Special' Types of Cells, Simple Tricks For Hiding A Cell's Contents, Print Letter And Legal Pages From The Same Worksheet, Fill Blank Cells With The Data From Above, How To Prevent Duplicates On Entry, How To Locate All Merged Cells On A Worksheet, Make Your Spreadsheet Fit Your Screen, Quickly Edit Text In Multiple Cells, Saving A Workbook, Worksheet Or Worksheet Range As PDF, Create Dates Using Other Cell Values, An Alternative To Freeze Panes For Wide Spreadsheets, Resetting The Used Area Of Your Worksheets, Add A Dynamic Date Range Title To Your Report, Turning The Tables, AutoFit Rows for Merged Cells, Add Descriptive Text To Your Number Formats, Easily Remove Leading Apostrophes, Find And Select All Cells Matching Your Criteria, An Unusual Technique for Inserting and Deleting Cells, Rows and Columns, Insert Or Delete Rows And Columns With Just One Click , Split Multi-Row Cells Into Separate Cells, Zoom To Make Your Spreadsheet Fit Your Screen, Use Line Breaks In Complex Formulas To Make Them Easier To Read, Hiding Formulas, Locking Cells And Protecting Your Worksheet, Suppress The 'Update Links' Message For Individual Workbooks, Instantly Copy Print Settings From One Sheet To Another, Easily Highlight Duplicate Values, Show Pivot Table Subtotals Below Your Data, Prevent Worksheet Colors From Printing, How To Use Fractions In Excel, Send An Email As A Text Message, Date Formatting: Show Weekdays Next To Dates, Split Text to Columns Without Destroying The Original Column, Automatically Flag Duplicate Values On Input, Give Your Right-Aligned Text (And Numbers) A Little Space, A Keyboard Shortcut To Select All Worksheet Objects, Sort Your Data Sideways, Delete 'ALT+ENTERed' Line Breaks, Show Formulas, Check For Errors , How To Attach An Excel Workbook To A Word Document, Quickly Find Values Not Rounded To Nearest Cent, (VBA Tip) Copy the SUM of Selected Cells to Another Cell, Easily Select A Text Box's Border, Let's Dump Sheets 2 and 3, Create Dynamic Line Numbers, Quickly Merge Multiple Cells, Quickly Email An Excel Workbook As PDF Attachment, Using Very Small Fonts In A Cell, My One Square Mile Worksheet, A Formula To Determine The Nth Nday Of Each Month, Display Dashes Instead Of Zeros, Restore R1C1-Style Cell Referencing To Pivot Tables, Break An Old Habit - Learn A New Keyboard Shortcut, Print A Different Header/Footer On Odd And Even Pages, Turn Off AutoRecover For Individual Workbooks, Change Excel's Default Open/Save To Location, How To Restore Order After Sorting, Getting To Know The Very Useful SUBSTITUTE Function, Get Rid of Those #$@& Spaces In Imported Data, Select All Cells With Specific Formatting, Are Your Saved Passwords Safe With Firefox?, AutoFill Letters of the Alphabet, A Sheet To Sum All Sheets, Yes! You Can Use Different Font Formats In The Same Cell, Where's the End of Your Spreadsheet?, Count Cells With Partial Matching, A Custom Number Format To Show 'Day' Or 'Days' , Quickly Create A Series Of Weekdays (i.e. Excluding Weekends), Save a Worksheet or Even Just a Range of Cells as a PDF Document, Increment Time By x Minutes, Easily Copy or Move Sheets Between Workbooks, Drag To Readjust Formula Cell References, How to Quickly Identify Column Differences, How to Save a 'Point-in-Time Snapshot' of a Workbook With External Links, Searching Backwards in Excel, How to Prevent Automatic Hyperlinks in Excel, Prevent Input Values That Are NOT Rounded to 2 Decimal Places, Formula For Sequentially Numbering a Filtered List, Opening a New Workbook and Inserting A New Sheet Should Be This Simple for Everyone, Create Your Own Custom Sort Order, The Fastest Way to 'Move' Columns and Rows, Easily Convert An AutoShape to a Different Shape, How to Remove a Background Color From A Logo or Image, Create Custom Default Worksheet And Workbook Templates, Filtering Data in Excel Will Never Be The Same, An Excel Formula To Determine Date Of Birth, How to Repeat a Character Across An Entire Column, Easier Access To More Border Options, Disable Automatic Hyperlinks in Excel, How To Find And Replace Cell Colors, A Neat Trick To Subtotal Dates By Month/Year (Ignoring the Day), View Formulas And Values In The Same Worksheet Simultaneously, Draw Shapes and Text Boxes to Fit Within Cell Borders, Easily Add Text To Excel Shapes, File, New, Blank Workbook...blah!, Custom Footers For All, Open Multiple Excel Files in One Step, Working With Separate Worksheets On Dual Monitors (Excel 2010 and earlier), Extract The Year, Month, or Day From A Date, Adjusting Your Print Area and Page Breaks The Easy Way, Here's What To Do When Row 1 Is Missing, A Super-Quick Trick to Convert Formulas to Values, Easily Copy Print Settings From One Worksheet to Another, Easily Fix Wrapped Text Alignment Problems, Copy Any Range of Cells Into An Email Message, A Thesaurus in Excel?, Transpose (i.e. Swap) Your Rows And Columns, Can You Justify This?, Print Column (A,B,C,etc...) and Row (1,2,3,etc...) Headings and Gridlines, Access Excel's Right-Click Menus From Your Keyboard, Save Multiple Print Settings On The Same Worksheet, Add Line Breaks to Make Long Formulas Easier To Read, How to Quickly Insert Blank Rows Between All Rows, How to Align a Column of Numbers on the Decimal Point, How to Create Popup 'Tooltips' Using Data Validation, How to Apply a Semi-Transparent Color to Text Boxes and Shapes, Working with Worksheet Functions Made Easier, Limit the Number of Characters Allowed in a Cell, An Easy Way to Insert Page Breaks Between Data Groups, Make Negative Percentages Easy to See, A Perfect Color Match – Create Any Color in Excel, Control User Choices With A Custom Dropdown List, Use Excel to CONVERT From One Measurement to Another, A Keyboard Shortcut to Add An Outside Borders, Print Report Heading on First Page and Only Column Headings on All Other Pages, Quickly Locate The Active Workbook's Folder, Slow Deleting Large Number of Filtered Rows?, Create A Hyperlinked Listing Of All Files In A Folder, The Oft Forgotten Strikethrough, Show Units Of Measure Without Changing Your Numbers To Text, Calculating and Formatting Elapsed Time in Excel, How To Create A Hyperlink To Another Workbook, Print Your Worksheet Pages In Any Order You Want, A Custom Date Format Wrapped To Two Lines, Show Plus Sign On Positive Numbers,...