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Publication Date: February 24, 2010

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The Excel Addict Donation to Haiti Earthquake ReliefMy goal is to help you improve your Excel skills little by little, week by week by sharing these easy, fast and fun tips. Over time these will add up to save you a tremendous amount of time and frustration. And we can all use some extra time and less frustration.
My philosophy has always been that there's always an easier and better way to do just about anything -- if you're willing to look a little harder. Surprisingly, most people are happy with the way things are  and put little or no effort into improving themselves. The fact that you're subscribed to my newsletter tells me that you are not one of those people standing still.
I hope you'll take something from this week's tips and I look forward to talking to you again next week.
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This week's tips..

1) Show Day Names With Your Dates (XL2000-XL2007)
2) Color Your Sheet Tabs (XL2002-XL2007)
3) Bring Order To Your Programs Menu (WinXP)

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Last week's tips were...

1) Formula Troubleshooting Trick (XL2000-XL2007)
2) Insert Line Breaks To Make Complex Formulas Easier To Read (XL2000-XL2007)
3) Group Or Ungroup Your Taskbar Buttons? (WinXP)

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Make sure you save a copy of your spreadsheet before trying these tips, just in
case you make an error or the procedure doesn't produce the results you want.

Microsoft Excel Tip #1

Show Day Names With Your Dates (XL2000-XL2007)

If you ever need to show the name of the day in addition to the dates (e.g. Saturday, July 10) here are a couple of options.

Option 1: You can create a custom number format for the cells containing the dates

1) Press CTRL+1;

2) Select the Custom category;

3) In the Type field enter dddd, mmm y

Option 2: You can use the TEXT function to return a custom date based on a date in another cell.

Type =TEXT(A1,"dddd, mmm y") where A1 is a cell containing a date.

Include the day in your dates

With both of these options, you have lots of flexibility for creating date formats by using any combination of the following codes.

d - will return the day as a number without a leading zero (e.g. 1)
dd - will return the day as a number with a leading zero (e.g. 01)
ddd - will return the abbreviated weekday (e.g. Sun)
dddd - will return the full weekday (e.g. Sunday)

m - will return the month as a number without a leading zero (e.g. 1)
mm - will return the month
as a number with a leading zero (e.g. 01)
mmm - will return the abbreviated month (e.g. Jan)
mmmm - will return the full month (e.g. January)

yy - will return the year as a 2-digit number (e.g. 10)
yyyy - will return the year as a 4-digit number (e.g. 2010)

You can also include commas, dashes, slashes, parentheses, within the format code. For example, the code (dddd) mmmm d, yyyy will return (Saturday) July 10, 2010.

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Microsoft Excel Tip #2

Color Your Sheet Tabs (XL2002-XL2007)

An often overlooked feature in Excel (2002-2007) is the ability to apply color to your sheet tabs. This is useful for applying the same theme color to related sheets.

You simply right click on the sheet tab you want to apply a color to and select a color from the Tab Color option on the shortcut menu.

Color your sheet tabs in Excel 2002-2007

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Non-Excel Tip

Bring Order To Your Programs Menu (WinXP)
Sort your Programs menuAs you install more and more programs on your computer, you'll notice that each new program gets added to the bottom of the Programs menu. When you go to run a program (Start, Programs), finding the right one can sometimes be a little difficult. Bring some order to this chaos by re-sorting these program shortcuts in alphabetical order.

Click Start, All Programs, right-click on either of the programs in the list and select 'Sort by Name' from the shortcut menu.

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