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Publication Date: March 24, 2010

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This week's tips..

1) Simultaneously View Formulas And Results In The Same Workbook (XL2000-XL2007)
2) Copy A Picture Of Worksheet Range To An Email (XL2003/XL2007)
3) Uncover The Hidden 'No to All' Option When Copying Files (Windows XP)

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Last week's tips were...

1) Whats The Difference Between The SEARCH and FIND Functions? (XL2000-XL2007)
2) Create Your Own Custom Sort Order (XL2002-XL2007)
3) How To Choose 'No To All' When Copying Files (Windows XP)

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Make sure you save a copy of your spreadsheet before trying these tips, just in
case you make an error or the procedure doesn't produce the results you want.

Microsoft Excel Tip #1

Simultaneously View Formulas And Results In The Same Workbook (XL2000-XL2007)

Viewing a worksheet’s formulas by pressing CTRL+` is a great technique for reviewing your spreadsheet for inconsistent formulas. But sometimes it would be nice to see the formulas and the results at the same time. 

You might be thinking, "That’s impossible!".

It's not impossible. If you want to see the formulas and their results for the same worksheet at the same time, here is how you can do it.

Compare sheets side by side in Excel

1) Activate the worksheet you want to view (and press CTRL+Home to go to cell A1);

2) In Excel 2007, from the View menu click New Window in the Window group. In Excel 2003, from the Window menu click New Window;

3) In Excel 2007, on the View tab click the 'View Side by Side' option in the Window group. In Excel 2003, from the Window menu select 'Compare Side by Side with...' In the Side by Side dialog select the second window. This will enable synchronized scrolling.

You should now have two identical copies of your worksheet in view.

4) In one of the windows press CTRL+`  to display the formulas;

5) You can now simultaneously scroll throughout your sheet and see the formulas in one window and their values in the other.

Note: You may be wondering why I asked you to activate cell A1 in the first step. The reason is that when you open a New Window, Excel automatically scrolls the window to the top left corner and makes A1 the active cell. If the original window didn't have A1 as the active cell, your rows and or columns won't be in synch for scrolling.

Also note that when you open a New Window, any split or frozen panes and custom Zoom settings are removed. To be sure you don't loose these settings, close the new window first. You can identify the new window by the :2 after the filename in the window header.

Open a copy of the same worksheet in Excel


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Microsoft Excel Tip #2

Copy A Picture Of Worksheet Range To An Email (XL2003/XL2007)

When you need to email spreadsheet information to someone do you always send the workbook as an attachment? But what if you need to send them information from only a small part of the worksheet?

Rather than sending the whole spreadsheet or copying the information to a new spreadsheet, saving it and attaching it to the email, here is a much easier and quicker option. 

Simply copy the range of cells...

Copy a range of cells into email

... and paste it into your email.  

Paste an Excel range into an email messagePaste a range of cells into email

So simple yet so useful.

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Non-Excel Tip

Uncover The Hidden 'No to All' Option When Copying Files (Windows XP)

When you copy or move a large number of files to another folder where you had previously copied some of the same files, you may get a message saying that some of the file(s) you are copying already exist in the destination folder

The choices you are given are 'Yes', 'Yes to All', 'No' and 'Cancel'. Choosing 'Yes' allows you to choose, one by one, which files to replace. Choosing 'Yes to All' copies all files and replaces all those ones with matching filenames.

Haven't you ever wished you could copy only the new files and not overwrite files already in the destination folder. I
f you are copying dozens, or hundreds, of files, clicking No each time would be a major pain.

ouldn't it be nice if there was a 'No to All' option?

There is....but you just can't see it.

Simply hold down the Shift key when you click the No button and only files with names not already in the destination folder will be copied. All others will be ignored.

Hidden 'No to All' option for copying files


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