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November 3, 2015

"Success is neither magical or mysterious.
Success is the natural consequence of
consistently applying basic fundamentals"
-- Jim Rohn

Hi fellow Excel Addict,

Francis Hayes (TheExcelAddict.com)Wow! Seems like yesterday I was walking on the beach enjoying the warm sun and now, here it is November already. And that wind blowing off the ocean is COLD.

Thanks for joining me today for another few seconds on your way to building up your valuable Excel skill set. Consistent action creates consistent results.

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Francis Hayes (The Excel Addict)

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Transpose (i.e. Swap) Your Rows And Columns

Switch Or Transpose Rows And Columns in Microsoft Excel 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 365To change a range of cells so that the rows become the columns and the columns become the rows...

(1) Select the range;
(2) Press CTRL+C to Copy (or right-click, Copy);
(3) Select a destination cell
(4) Right-click, Paste Special…,Transpose.

Make sure that the cell you are pasting to is outside the range you are copying from.

Alternative Keyboard Shortcut for Paste Special, Transpose:
, E, S, E, Enter

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