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Whenever you need to starting the page numbering on your reports with something other than the default 'Page 1', t
oday's tip will show you how, in just seconds.

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Change the Starting Page Number for Your Footer

Some companies create reports by combining information from different documents. It may be that the first several pages of a quarterly report are more narrative and are created in MS Word. The financial section of the report, obviously, comes from Excel.

When you print a report from Excel, normally the page numbering begins at page 1. So, for example, if the first 3 pages of the quarterly report are printed from Word and the last 10 pages are printed from Excel, you may want to have the page numbers from Excel to start with 4. So your final report will include pages 1 to 3 printed from Word and 4 to 17 printed from Excel.

There is a setting in Excel that allows you to change the starting page number for your printed reports. It's been there as long as I can remember but it's so easy to overlook.

Here's how to change the first page number printed in your footer (or header)...

1) Click the Page Layout tab and click the small arrow in the bottom right corner of the Page Setup group. (Alternatively, you can click the Print Titles command to open the Page Setup dialog.
Or, if you like keyboard shortcuts, you can press ALT,P,S,P to go directly to the Page tab in the Page Setup dialog.)

2) On the Page tab, you will find the 'First page number' option on the lower left of the dialog. By default, the value is set to Auto, but you can enter a number here that you want the page numbering on your printed report to start at;

Change Starting Page Number In Footer_in_Microsoft_Excel_2007_2010_2013_2016_365

3) Go to the Header/Footer tab and make sure you have your header or footer set to print the page numbers;
3) Click OK.

Total Page Numbers Not Adjusted for Change to First Page Number
Since the total Page #s value in the footer doesn't adjust if you change starting page number, to show the total page numbers being printed in the footer (e.g. Page 4 of 13), you will need to manually type that number in the footer.
Footer Total Pages Number Manually Adjusted_in_Microsoft_Excel_2007_2010_2013_2016_365

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