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March 17, 2016  
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In case you missed Tuesday's 'Excel in Seconds' newsletter, in it I described how to 'Show Pivot Table Data In Separate Columns". You can read it here.

Today I am going to show you how to "Tame the 'Unfrozen' Columns When Using Freeze Panes". I hope you find this tip helpful.

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Today's Microsoft Excel Tip

Taming the 'Unfrozen' Columns When Using Freeze Panes

When working with wide worksheets, you will sometimes need to work with data on the far right but also keep some of the columns on the left side of the sheet visible as well. You may already know that a good solution for this is Freeze Panes.

With Freeze Panes, you select the column immediately to the right of the ones you want to freeze. then from the View tab, click Freeze Panes, Freeze Panes. Now you can scroll to the right side of your worksheet and the frozen columns on the left remain visible.

In many situations, this works just fine. However, as you are working with the columns on the far right, if you are using the arrow keys to move around, you will sometimes scroll too far left and your data on the right scrolls out of view. Then you need to scroll back to the right again to access those columns. When this happens over and over it can be frustrating.

Temporarily Hide The Columns You Are Not Working On
A simple solution that I often use is to temporarily hide the columns that I'm not using. That is, hide all of the columns between the frozen columns on the left side and the columns I am working on on the right side. Now you can use your arrow keys to freely move between the frozen columns on the left and the unfrozen columns on the right.

Hide Columns To Scroll To Freeze Panes_in_Microsoft_Excel_2007_2010_2013_2016_365

Use Grouping to Temporarily Hide and Unhide Columns
Another trick that works great for worksheets where I regularly need to hide and unhide specific columns is to use Excel's Grouping feature. Grouping is normally used for hiding the details of subtotaled data but, in cases like this it also works well for quickly hiding and unhiding columns.

To hide column(s) using Grouping...

1) Select the headings for the columns (e.g. Columns E:BO) you want temporarily hide;

2) From the Data tab click Group. An outline bar and [-] symbol appears above the columns. When you click the [-] symbol, the columns will be hidden and the symbol changes to a [+];

3) To unhide the columns, click on the [+] symbol.

You now have a quick and easy way to hide and unhide these columns whenever you need to.

To remove this grouping feature, from the Data menu click Ungroup, Clear Outline.


Temporarily Hide Columns Using Grouping _in_Microsoft_Excel_2007_2010_2013_2016_365

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