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September 6, 2016

Hi fellow Excel Addict,

It's blueberry time here in Newfoundland and I'm sure it is too in other parts of the world. When I was growing up I hated picking blueberries because my mother used to make me do it, if I wanted spending money.

Now that I am older and keenly aware of the importance of a healthy diet, having free access to an unlimited supply of one of nature's superfoods is something I am now very grateful for. When I was young, picking blueberries seemed like a lot of work. Today, it isn't work. A beautiful, sunny, warm September afternoon spent picking blueberries and watching Monarch butterflies in my childhood hometown of Brigus is so peaceful and relaxing.

Francis Hayes, Picking Blueberries In Brigus, Newfoundland Canada

I hope you will find today's 'Excel in Seconds' tip, 'Setting the Print Area for Multiple Nonadjacent Ranges' helpful.

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Excel in Seconds with

Setting the Print Area for Multiple Nonadjacent Ranges

As you know, you don't have to print everything that is on your worksheet. If we don't want everything on our worksheet to print, we can set a Print Area to tell Excel specifically what we want to print.

In most cases, when we set the Print Area of a worksheet, it typically consists of a single range of cells with maybe some manual page breaks.

However, sometimes we have worksheets that have multiple ranges that we want to print. Many Excel users don't realize that they can include multiple nonadjacent ranges in a single Print Area.

Here are two easy methods to do this.

Quickly create a print area with multiple nonadjacent ranges
My personal favourite method is to simply hold down the CTRL key while selecting the ranges I want to include in my Print Area.

1) Select the first range;

2) Hold down the CTRL key;

3) Select any additional ranges you want to include in the Print Area.

4) Release the CTRL key;

5) From the Page Layout tab, click Print Area, then click Set Print Area.

Note that each range you selected will print on a separate page and in the same order that you select them, regardless if it is above, below, right or left of any other selected range.

Also, the same print settings will apply to all of these pages. For example, you cannot print some of your pages in Landscape and some in Portrait for the same Print Area.

Set Separate Ranges As One Print Area in Microsoft Excel 2007 2010 2013 2016 365

Add a new range to an existing Print Area
This next method can be used when your Print Area is already set and you want to add another range to it.

1) Select a range you want to add to the existing Print Area;

2) From the Page Layout tab, click the Print Area then click Add to Print Area;

3) Repeat if you want to add other ranges.

As with the first method, each of these areas will print as separate pages, in the same order that they were added, and with the same print settings.

To quickly identify your existing Print Area, from the View tab click Page Break Preview in the Workbook Views group. To return back to the regular view, click Normal.

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