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September 13, 2016

Hi fellow Excel Addict,

I hope you will find today's 'Excel in Seconds' tip, 'A Case for Fixing Typing Mistakes' helpful for those, hopefully rare, times when you need it.

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Excel in Seconds with

A Case for Fixing Typing Mistakes

If you're a 4-finger typist like me who can't look at the screen and type at the same time, no doubt you have occasionally typed a full sentence (or more) of uppercase text in Excel before you realized it.

How To Convert Upper Case Sentence in Microsoft Excel 2007 2010 2013 2016 365
As well, this will be useful if you've imported data that came in as all upper case.

Rather than retype the whole sentence, especially if it's really long, or worse yet, if you've typed an entire paragraph, here is a quick way to fix your mistake.

Although I've broken this out into 7 detailed steps below, really it only takes a couple of seconds to do.

1) In a blank cell type nearby, type =LOWER(

2) Next, select the cell with the offending text and the cell address will be inserted into the LOWER function e.g. =LOWER(A2;

3) Type a closing ) to finish the function, then press ENTER;

4) Now, point to the edge of the cell containing the LOWER function and the mouse pointer will change to a 4-headed arrow;

Click and drag with your right mouse button and drop it onto the original cell;

6) From the menu that pops up choose 'Copy Here as Values Only'. The upper case text will be replaced by the lowercase text;

Convert Upper Case Text To Lower in Microsoft Excel 2007 2010 2013 2016 365

7) Finally you can delete the temporary LOWER function from the other cell.

Oh yes. Also check your sentence for proper names, etc... that may need to be re-capitalized.

Yeah, I really should have learned to type properly.

Other CASE related functions:

=UPPER(text) converts text to all upper case.
=PROPER(text) converts text to lower case and then capitalizes the first letter of each word.

Word? Outlook? Why not Excel too?
I want to thank Excel Addict reader Lucy Moore, who informed me that in MS Word and Outlook you can use the SHIFT+F3 keyboard shortcut to toggle selected text between UPPER, LOWER and SENTENCE case.

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