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Bonus "Non-Excel" Tips
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Non-Excel Tips


Who is the
Excel Addict?

 Now, you may be wondering why I'm sharing "Non-Excel" tips with you.

Well, I'm pretty sure that, like me, you use several other programs besides Microsoft Excel. So, I think I may be able to help you out there also.

Often, when I am helping someone with an Excel problem, I do something (outside of Excel) and I hear,

"I didn't know I could do that!"
My reply is usually,
"I thought everyone knew how to do that."

Many of us who have been using computers for a long time and have mastered many of the shortcuts assume that everyone knows these shortcuts.

I haven't met anyone yet who knows all the shortcuts. I admit that I don't. But after 15 years of using various computer programs and technologies, I have learned hundreds of tips and shortcuts in many programs that save me a lot of time.

If you get to know me you'll find that I hate to do things the long, hard, tedious, boring way.

I always look for the fast, efficient, and effective way to do things.

That's why I want to share some of my favourite 'Non-Excel' tips with you. I'm sure you'll find these everyday tips helpful,

In fact, just learning a few key shortcuts in your favourite programs can save you a tremendous amount of time and frustration.

Many of you may already know some of these tips but I would be pretty safe in assuming that most of you will be pleasantly surprised to discover some new easy-to-apply tips that you could be using every day.



An Easier Way To Maximize Or Restore A Window
Quick Access To The Address Toolbar
Removing The > Marks When Forwarding Email
Bring Order To Your Programs Menu
Moving An EXE file
Printing Background Colors In Internet Explorer
Tabbing Backwards
Not Sure If You Should Open That Email?
Printing Web Pages That Are Too Wide
Got Questions? Find Answers

Open A Text File In A Non-Associated Program
What's Printing?
Dragging And Dropping Safely
Tired Of Waiting For The Download
Escaping From Drag-And-Drop
The Advantage Of Working With Multiple Windows
Stop Your Browser From Automatically Resizing Large Images
Using Bcc To Keep Forwarded Email Addresses Safe

Trapped In A Webpage (Internet Explorer)
Easily Save Web Graphics
'Open With' File Options
Email A Webpage Link To A Friend
Printing Files Directly From Windows Explorer
Simple Tips For Better Web Searching

Searching Your IE Favorites
Find That Missing Web Page
Adjust Text Size In Internet Explorer
Quickly Copy Files In Windows Explorer
Restore Those Taskbar Buttons In Windows XP
The Easiest Way To Rename A File

Free up some more screen space in Internet Explorer
Quickly Close Multiple Windows
Quickly Change Your HomePage (Internet Explorer)
Find That Lost File
Delete Text The Easy Way
Clearing Your Recent Documents List
Add Google To Your Internet Explorer Toolbar

Cover Your Tracks In Internet Explorer
Can't Remember That Great Website?
Surfing The Net Without A Mouse

So That's What That Key Is For!
Quickly Switch Among Windows Applications

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