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The user interface in Excel 2007 is very different from previous versions, therefore, the menu commands in my older tips may not correspond exactly.

Insert a Division Symbol in Excel
A Brief Comment on Comments
When Clearing Cells Is A Drag
Spice Up Your Borders
Extract The Year, Month, or Day From A Date

Creating Page Breaks
Print Your Entire Workbook
Unhide A Particular Column
Color Your Sheet Tabs
Printing Cell Comments

Just Print It!
Saving The Current Workbook With A New Filename
Zipping Through Your Sheet Tabs

Quickly Sum Non-Contiguous Cells
Quickly Apply Currency Number Format
Updating Links To The Current Workbook
Hide Excel's Gridlines
Change Excel's Default Font
Hiding An Individual Sheet

The Little-Known, Seldom-Used AutoComplete Trick
One Date Only
The Trouble With Editing
Editing Using Your Keyboard

Open As Copy
Easily Duplicate A Worksheet
Pasting Text From A Web Page To Excel

This Makes Cents
Select Sheet Tabs Without A Mouse
Make Lightning-Quick Jumps With F5

Print Preview Scrolling
Use Pictures For Your Hyperlinks
Select All Cells On A Worksheet

Create An Instant Chart
Help Is At Your Fingertips
Have You Tried Excel's Post-It Notes?
Format Your Cells Fast
Save Time By Quickly Duplicating Data Values

Quickly Insert New Sheets
Quickly Identify Cells Referred To By A Formula
Quickly Moving To A Specific Cell
Naming Your Sheets
Fastest Bold (Keyboard Shortcut)

Restrict Where To Find and Replace
Close All Excel Workbooks At Once
Setting The Print Area With One Click
Quickly Switching Between Sheets In Excel

Find/Replace Across All Sheets
Hiding Rows (keyboard method)
Hiding Columns (keyboard method)
Calculate A Person's Age
Quickly Create A Series Of Dates

Double-Clicking Saves Scrolling
Copy And Paste Even Quicker
Viewing Your Worksheet Formulas
Show The Current Date In A Cell
Navigating Your Sheets
Adjusting Column Widths And Row Heights

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