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Francis Hayes (The Excel Addict)Add A Dynamic Date Range Title To Your Report
Help With Worksheet Functions
Find The Last Value In A Row or Column
Extract A Month's Name From A Date
Count Cells That Include Specific Text
The Format Painter Pattern Swipe
How To Recover A Workbook That You Forgot To Save Changes To
Quickly Identify Cells With Conditional Formatting
How To Locate All Merged Cells On A Worksheet
Access Your Recent List of Workbooks From the Windows Taskbar
Find (and/or Replace) All Blanks Resulting From Formulas
Prevent Auto Incrementing of Numbers
Open the Last-Saved Version of an Open Workbook
Printing Without Color
How to Monitor Changes in Key Cells Throughout a Workbook
It's Easier to Concatenate without CONCATENATE
Use AutoCorrect to Quickly Recall Your Impossible-to-Remember, Complex Formulas
How to Insert Degree Symbols in Your Worksheet
View Data From Separate Areas of the Same Worksheet at the Same Time
Adjust A Range Of Numbers By A Specific Amount Or Percentage

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