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Francis, I just wanted to thank you for your tips. Using your tips and help from others I have gotten pretty darned good at creating massive, almost bizarre spreadsheets. I use them every day. I started with zero knowledge of Excel and a fairly good computer skill level. I receive and read your tips newsletter earnestly and again thank you for it. It’s about the most informative newsletter of it’s kind as far as I know. I owe a sincere debt of thanks to you. Best Regards, Dave M. (Texas US)

Francis, Your Newsletter improves my Excel skills every week.  Sometimes I think you are looking over my shoulder and send just the right solution at the right time. -- Don S. (Supply Chain Support Analyst)

Francis, I've been enjoying The Excel Addict for a couple of years now and I recommend it to everyone who asks me to help them solve an Excel problem. Most are delighted with it. Thanks for producing such a great newsletter. The really fun part about this process of recommending the newsletter, is that they learn something every week and they come by for answers from me much less frequently. -- Bruce V. (Texas, US)

Thank you so much! You're newsletter is invaluable ... I've learned so much! I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate knowing that other people find Excel as exciting as I do! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! -- Becki P.
That camera tool is the COOLIEST!!! I never knew that was there but will find all kinds of uses for it! Thanx man! -- Scott H.
Dear Francis; Allelulia!!!!!!!!! Finally;.......... a way to copy only visible cells when columns or rows are hidden! I have been trying to find a way to do this for years. This weeks set of tips is perhaps the most infiormative and useful that I have received from you to date, while all of them are great. Thank you!!!!!! and keep up the great work!! Best regards; -- John F.
Thanks for the camera tip ... and I thought I had at least seen all the features in excel! -- Phil C.
WHAT A GREAT TIP!!! Been using excel since 1989 and never encountered this tip. THANKS!!! -- Richard W. (Re: Select Only Visible Cells tip)
Hi, Francis! First of all, thank you, thank you, thank you for your tips newsletter! I've always loved Excel, and I love learning new ways to do things. It's like cooking, in a way - you may know a perfectly good way to make a dish, and then you watch another cook and learn a new way and you get to have this lovely EUREKA moment! You've helped me reduce a few really cumbersome roundabout procedures and show others how to streamline things as well. -- Christine I.
Hi Francis, I am an avid reader of your newsletter and just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate what you do. I have not had a chance to submit any opinions to the recent surveys you held, but just had to take the time to thank you for all that you do. I use Excel 99.9% of my day, every day. I was already an intermediate user, however, I have learned so many more ‘tricks’ from reading your newsletters! Thank you again and please keep up the great service! -- Heather J.
101 Microsoft Excel tips ebook
Dear Mr. Hayes, First of all, thank you for the wonderful Aha! experiences I had reading your "101 Secrets of a Microsoft Excel Addict." The Shift+drag columns/rows and the Alt+; shortcuts alone made it worthwhile the modest amount you charge for your e-book. Thank you for being such an Excel Addict. Action does generate inspiration. You have inspired me, I'm having fun with Excel once again. Cheers, Ivan
Hello Francis, I received your recent news letter with much happiness. Experts like you make me get involve with excel everyday. I appreciate that. -- Yakubu, Ghana
I think your newsletters are fantastic, please keep them coming, I’ve learnt huge tips from your efforts. Regards -- Joff Wickins
Dear Francis, I have just tried this out on my spreadsheet and it’s worked perfectly! This will save me hours in the future. The amount of times I have gone into each row to manually change the reference, or tried to hash it all together by concatenating cells to make a formula is unbelievable. You are a star. Thank you so much. Best Regards -- Samantha A.
I'd like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn. I receive your excel addict newsletter and look forward to read it each time. I thank you for making my life so much easier... and showing off in front of collegues is fun, too. Thank you. -- - Claudia O.
Hi Francis, thank you! I've been receiving your 'Addict' emails for some time now and with rare exception, have learned something every time. I look forward to learning more. Kind regards -- Dan H, Newport, MN USA
I think that even if I weren't interested in Excel, which I am, I would subscribe to your newsletter for the quotes. Thanks for including them. -- Robbie S.
Hayes, First I’d like to say that your newsletters are awesome and every week is one of the first e-mails I open in my inbox. Congratulations for you excellent work! Best regards! -- -Thiago CRM - Management Consulting
Hi Francis, I hope this mail finds you in Great health & Rocking. I wanted to share my experience regarding your emails. The emails which you send on weekly basis are the Most Simplest & easy to understand. I have subscribed to other sites similar as yours, But I am glad to let you know that your mailers are by far Superior & Easy then your competitors. Take Care & keep on the great work. All the best Regards -- Jay
I am an accountant and have been since way before spreadsheets were even invented. When computers became affordable I started using spreadsheets to make my business life easier. I am self taught, but have taken a few classes thru the years. I have progressed thru the earliest program to excel with very little training, however now with your help I consider myself an advanced user! I now work in a large office where excel is a major part of my life. Your newsletters and book have advanced my skills and knowledge as well as the skills of the people that work for me. We are very thankful for your work and hope that you continue for a long time. Thank you -- Sharon P. (Senior Accountant)
101 Microsoft Excel tips ebook
The 101 Secrets of Excel addict helps me a lot and the bunch of tips kept handy in one book is easy to refer and use...Thanks very much. -- Sathyan (Dubai)

Hi Francis, Just want to thank you all your tips you're sending though weekly! I subscribed to your tip email a copule of months ago and I find it really useful. I always read it - just didn't get the chance so far to say thank you for it. I was an average user - now maybe I can consider myself as advanced, but my target is much more! I want to know every little trick in excel! :-) Yes, I know: couple of years.... :-) I appreciate your attitute on sending the newsletter! Cheers -- Viola V.
I've been a subscriber for over a year, and really appreciate your newsletter! I've learned a lot, and recommend The Excel Addict to everyone interested in improving their Excel skills. -- Abbigail
Thank you for your weekly tips column. I've been using Excel over 10 years. I'm amazed at some of the tips you provide. -- David R.
- Mr. Hayes, As a current college student at Fordham University I am a big fan of your newsletter and the growing knowledge it provides me in preparation for entering the business world. Thank you for what you do and keep up the good work! -- Joe L.
The Excel Addict - thank you for a wonderful, engaging, stimulating newsletter! I'd like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn. -Gillian N., Excel Addict news-reader
Just wanted you to know - again - YOU ROCK! Thank you! -- Linda H. (Information Specialist)
Dear Mr. Hayes. I stumbled upon your site a few months ago & have learned much more from it than I have from my Excel for dummies book gathering dust in a drawer. Thanks! Keith J. (Groves, Texas)
Hi Francis Many many thanks for imvaluable tips. Actualy i dont have words to praise your hard work and spreadsheet tips. Sometime i wake up in the midnight and read your tips. Its realy realy imvaluable like Kohinoor Diamond. Many Many thanks again. Thanks Prakash J.
Dear Francis Thank you so much for your weekly tips and ideas. By using many of these I have greatly increased my skill level in using Excel and have been able to assist colleagues at my office. (They call me 'Data God' now). My job involves working with large databases and you have made my life a lot easier. In fact I am now using Excel more than Access as I find it often does the job in a more efficient manner. Thanks again and keep up the good work. Cheers -- Brian G.
Perfect, that is what I was looking for. Thanks -- Ralph P.
Francis, Great, it worked! Made my job much easier :) Thanks very much. Take care, -- Liz S.
Hi Francis, I finally just had to send you a note to thank you for your newsletter. The tips are fantastic – I always look forward to trying them out. You continually present solutions to questions I never even think to ask if Excel can do this or that or the other. Thank you very much for your efforts. They are very much appreciated by this user. -- Marina O.
I so gratiously thank you for your newsletter. Each week I print it out at work and I keep a chronological file of all of them in my desk drawer. I can tell you that the absolute most helpful tip that you have given (to me) is how to delete blank rows in a form. In my work, I use this ALL of the time. I pretty much had to learn Excel on my own by trial, error and success. Everyone thinks I am such a wizbang at this program. I have used it for many years and I can honestly say that it is my most used program on any computer that I have ever used (at work and at home). Thank you again for all of your diligence. -- janis Illinois, USA
Thank you for the great tips. It is my motto as an IT Trainer to "Learn something new everyday and teach something new everyday". Your tips make it easy to learn something new. As soon as I get your message, I try each of your tips and then run around and show them to the people I think could use them to "Work Smarter not Harder". Thanks again and keep the tips coming. -- Joanne W. (Documentation/Training)
I receive your spreadsheet tips through email and absolutely love them! You have helped me tremendously in my job - thank you! -- Trisha F.
Your Excel tips are wonderful…! Thank you so much for providing them to us! You have a natural way of teaching which makes it really easy to learn and remember. -- Susie M.. Orlando, Florida
Mr. Hayes, I hope that you receive this. I have been receiving your Excel Tips for a few years now and it is one of the best programs that I have ever signed up for and it is free. I’m not an expert in Excel; but with your help, I have learned many new ways of working in Excel. Today is my last day to work as I am retiring and will not be receiving your tips for a short while. However, I will sign up again when I have a computer at home. Thank you for all of the help you have given me these past few years. Take care, Myrna R.
I love your emails and learn something I use regularly almost every time! You are a huge force to helping me slowly convert the many computer users I service at our school from Excel Avoiders into Excel Addicts like me. Keep up the great work! Jane H PS: My kids bought me your ebook for Christmas and it was my favorite Christmas gift, hands down!
I just want to say that your tips are extremely helpfull. You are concise. You make it all seem so simple -- Jason K.
Hi, Francis Just had to let you know how much I enjoy your newsletter. The tips range from the (to me) obvious to the simply fantastic – you cover questions I never even thought to ask. One tends to stay within the limits of one’s knowledge, accepting the status quo, not asking if there might be a better way to do things. I get quite exited when I learn something new from you that is the solution to a long-standing peeve. Three tips at a time allows time try them out and digest them, whereas a whole book tend to overwhelm. Thank you very much.. -- Marina
Dear Excel Addict: I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the work you do and share. I am a self-taught user who uses excel as a data reporting methodology and was always frustrated because I couldn't figure out how to change formats or how to present the information on the spreadsheets. My husband also gets your newsletter at work and suggested I sign up. With your help, Excel has become more tool and less frustration. And the best part is that your directions are easy to understand and follow. Thank you again for taking the time and being willing to share. -- Robbie S.
I am sorry for not responding to your email until now but I was in such shock by your time and effort that it was all I could do to mumble, I can't believe he did that, Hey come look at this, I can't belive he did this. I wish I had a better command of the English language because saying thank you for the mere fact you took time out of your life to first respond at all, but to then undertake what you did truly humbles me but at the same time empowers my will to continue to always look for the positive side of life and to have meaningful life experiences to share with all of the people that surround us everyday that thinks that the times of helping strangers and random acts of kindness do happen and that we are all not so self absorbed as to now have time for others unless we think there is a reward or gain in it for us. Once again, thanks for everything and I will touch base with you soon. Regards -- Alan G.
Francis, I just wanted to send a thank you note to you and let you know how much I enjoy learning to make Excel "Scream" by using your tips and lessons. It is the high-light of my week to learn something new. I have always believed it is better to remain "Green & Growing" than to become "Ripe & Rotten" - Learning is the only way to go to accomplish this!!! :-) Thank you very much for all your help and lessons!! Sincerely, -- Kandice B
THANK YOU, THANK YOU, AND THANK YOU AGAIN for the (c) copyright clue. I finally had just given up and was using [c]. I am such a happy camper !! Rhonda H :-)
Hi Francis, Firstly I would like to thank you for the tip you sent last week about the insert of rows/columns / functions. It works, and you would not believe how much time that saves me -- Benita from South Africa
Hello Francis, congratulations, you do here a great job, itīs one of the few mailīs that I read as soon as I get it, even before work mailīs. Best regards -- Julio C.
Thank you so much Francis, Yes I did create this workbook. It was my first attempt at creating a spreadsheet and apply it to a real life application for my job. I know that I have a lot more to learn but I am just now beginning to explore this very powerful application, and thanks to you I am now more motivated than ever to learn as much as I can. Thank you again for your time and effort, it was very much appreciated and your suggestion solved my problem. With gratitude, -- Aldo G
Hi Francis, Don’t know if you get thanked for what you do and the valuable information you share but I wanted to take the time to do so, especially after this week’s second tip. I did not know that you could use the paste special function like that. This is a great tip for me to know so thank you again! Regards -- Charlene M.
Hi Francis, I enjoy your newsletter every week, but this week's tips were simply mind-blowing! So very simple and elementary, and yet they -- all three of them -- are basic tips that can make my daily work so much easier! I'm sure the "close all" tip, for example and the "paste link" tip will help make my excel use very much more efficient. Thought I'd convey my appreciation for the great work. Thanks a lot! Regards -- Partha S.
Dear Francis, Thank you so much! You have saved me a ton of time. I love you! Thanks for sending me the tutorials. I’m going to watch it now. Thanks a million. Take care -- Debbie
Hi, I have been following your tips on Excel and it has helped me a lot in improving the unexplored part of Excel . This brings to light that excel is so vast that we only tends to use only few of it. Thanks for coming up with such a good tips. -- Regard Dinesh M.
Hi Francis, Thank you for your excellent newsletter. I have used many of your tips. My manager now thinks I am some kind of 'Magician' as he often accuses me of 'performing magic' in Excel when I use your tips :O) -- Paul W.
Hello, Thanks very much for the weekly newsletter. Even though I am an experienced Excel-user, you often give tips I did not know of before. M.v.gr.-- Bert V
Hello Francis, I have subscribed to your weekly newsletter for some time now and find the tips extremely helpful and save me a great deal of time. Well done in providing this service. -- Many Regards, Martin W
I teach part-time at our local community college and since finding your newsletter I have made it a part of my curriculum. I encourage them to sign up for your newsletter (by offering extra credit points) and then include your articles to supplement the material from the textbook and my own examples.

I use your newsletter as a launch pad for my sermon about taking responsibility for your own life, education, and advancement. Learning, or reviewing a couple of topics each month really adds up during the course of a year.

You obviously have the talent to explain and teach - and you're obviously passionate about the topic.

Again, keep up the great work.

Doug O.

Hello! I just thought it was time to let you know:
I am an Excel instructor for business adults at a Community College in Lincoln Nebraska. I have been a spreadsheet guru since the early 1980's, when IBM pcs first started coming out. I regularly glean web sites to refer to my students to help them continue learning after classes are done. When I discovered your newsletter, I was intrigued. Most of what you write, I know also. However, also most of what you write is not easily found in computer training texts, and are useful techniques.

It has just been my pleasure to refer your newsletter to my students at the end of some really long days. I can honestly feel like I am giving them something that will be helpful and useful to them in the days ahead, and I just want to thank you for what you are doing. Your examples are allways so clearly laid out, and the screenshots clearly illustrate what you are saying.

I have seen many Excel help sites, but yours seems to have no ego involved. Just purely helpful information. Again, thank you for what you are doing!!

Jessie L, Instructor

Continuing Education, Business Services Workforce Development & Training Services Business Administration Program

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