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"Time-Saving" Tutorials

The user interface in Excel 2007-2013 is different from previous versions, therefore, some of the menu commands in my older tips may not correspond exactly.

(VBA Tip) Copy the SUM of Selected Cells to Another Cell
Calculate the Number of Days, Months or Years Between Two Dates

Is Your Workbook Suddenly Ballooning In Size?
Avoid Numeric Heading Errors In Your Formulas
Prevent Duplicate Entries In A Range
Editing A Range Within A Formula By Dragging

Showing Just The Day Of The Week
Pasting Part Of Your Worksheet To Another Document
Page Break Preview
The Secret Of Pasting Multiple Items In One Step

Using Headers and Footers
How To Use Excel's IF Function
Round Numbers To The Nearest 1000
Creating A Custom Number Format

How To Create Cumulative Totals
Learn To Function Smarter
Change The Format Of Excel's Comments
An Alternative To Cell Comments
Calculate The Number Of Days, Months Or Years Between Two Dates

Spice Up Your Worksheet With A Picture Or Two
AutoFit Columns Based On Selected Cells Only
How To Use Excel's AutoFilter
Display Values With Dollars And Cents Symbols

Print The Same Cell Range On Multiple Excel Worksheets
How To Center Numbers And Still Keep Decimals Aligned
How To Password Protect A Workbook

Tabbing Through Input Cells
Rotate Your Column Headings

Preventing The Display Of Zeros
Fast Editing Using Your Keyboard
Quickly Convert Text To Lower Case
Use Autoshapes To Highlight Information

Add A New Window For A Better View
Easily Center Your Report Headings
Hiding Unused Rows And Columns
Quickly Delete Blank Rows From A Long List
How To Use Named Ranges

How To Create Vertical Titles For Your Reports
How To Find and Replace Wildcard Characters (* ?)
Email That Excel Workbook Fast
How To Use Fractions In Excel
How To Paste A Hyperlink
Keep Those Headings Visible
How To Combine Text in Cells

Copy Column Widths To Another Sheet
Create A Hyperlink To Another Workbook
Print Your Report Headings On Every Page

Easily Duplicate Cell Formatting
Insert Time and Date Stamps In Your Worksheet
Display Text In A Cell On Multiple Lines

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